Lisa Arsenault -

If you make widgets your expertise is in designing and manufacturing the dang best widget the world has ever seen. But, now how do you let the world know about that widget so they actually have the opportunity to give you money for it?

That’s where I come in. Your expertise is widgets.

Mine is marketing.

Less is more. I don’t believe in over marketing. I don’t need to pad my portfolio, so I’m only going to pursue options that make sense both strategically and financially.

My reputation is built and sustained by providing hands on project management throughout the entire process. I bring projects to completion on time…on scope…and on budget. I take my work seriously and pride myself in adhering to high standards and quality of work. My work ethic has earned me a solid foundation of referral based clients, strong business relationships and years of on-going work for and with my clients.

Oh, and we will probably have some fun along the way!