Lisa Arsenault -

Full Service Ad Agency

As a boutique ad agency, I can help you with any marketing elements you may need. If you are looking for design work, TV or radio spots, billboards, media buying, transit advertising, website creation, SEO, eblasts, social media assistance, public relations, trade show assistance, event planning, promotional items, window or vehicle graphics, I am here to help.

I work with a team of professionals that enables me to choose the perfect vendor for the job. By not employing full time staff, I am able to pass that savings on to my clients. Win-win.

Websites & More

Often times people are fearful of creating a new website or updating an outdated site because it seems like opening a huge can of worms.

But actually it can be a really fun project. Like cleaning out and organizing a closet. Creating a great website is like eating an elephant…the best way is to take one bite at a time.

I can help create a useful website that you can use for years to come with helpful suggestions, thoughtful organizational methods and doing the “heavy lifting” of completely the project while you focus on YOUR business.

Social Media With Impact

Whether you love it or ignore it, Social Media is a now a vital part of every marketing game plan.

Don’t be that business that assigns the youngest staff member to do your social media efforts, just because they use Social Media personally. You need to have a plan and purpose. I can help you with that plan or you can retain me to be the “voice” for your pages and take care of posting for your company providing content that matters and consistency that is critical.

You will be surprised at how using Social Medial correctly can add to your bottom line.

Mailing Programs

Clients that have referral based businesses have found a very effective way to market to their clients is with good old-fashioned snail mail. It offers an effective way to build top-of-mind-awareness at a reasonable price. But it must be done right or it becomes just another piece of junk mail.

I can help with road tested annual mailing programs that will increase your business. Just let me know if you would like to see a variety of sample mailers and a list of very happy clients that have been using the program for years.