Lisa Arsenault -

What They Are Saying

A few words from happy clients.

“I am overjoyed that I have Lisa Arsenault as my marketing expert. She has developed a special “look” for me that runs throughout my marketing pieces. I have seen an increase in my business that I can directly attribute to the outstanding job that Lisa does. The consistency of my marketing has resulted in a higher touch with my clients which have produced measurable results. Thank you Lisa for all you do to make my business such a success.”

-Joan Genter
Windermere Real Estate/Coeur d’ Alene

“Lisa enjoys what she does and is very good at it. After just a few minutes with us, she was already coming up with fresh ideas to help our program. Lisa took our miscellaneous pieces of information and made something cohesive, interesting and visually pleasing and the turnaround time has been quick and the quality has been exceptional. Lisa’s attention to detail and honest feedback helped us create new educational materials that make our message more helpful and accessible and it gives our staff the tools to do their job more effectively.”

-Tracie Oxford, Office Manager
Spokane County
Noxious Weed Control Board

“I am truly grateful Lisa for all you have done for Windermere, Seasons, and for me personally, these past 3 years. I don't know how we could have gotten off the ground without your help. You have amazing talent, skill and experience for taking ideas and turning them into reality, creating organization out of chaos, and making the most of a limited budget. I have always been proud to recommend you and will continue to do so!”

-Pat Krug
Windermere/Coeur d’Alene Realty and Seasons Bar & Grill

“Working with Lisa Arsenault was the absolute best decision I made for my sanity and for the successful setup of my mobile notary business. I am so happy that a former client of hers referred me to her and that Lisa took on my project of website design, printing, branding, and logo.

Prior to meeting Lisa I had met with many other wonderful individuals who handled web design and/or logo and printing of marketing materials, but Lisa was able to offer me a full package that included it all. The thing of highest value to me was that I had one point of contact: Lisa. She took care of the rest in making sure that her team of professionals worked diligently behind the scenes in creating the final product. This saved me time and hassle of not needing to coordinate the work of individuals and it really cut down on the stress of one person possibly misunderstanding what the other is needing or not meeting deadlines. As a small business owner there is simply no spare time to be had for mistakes, miscommunication, and missed deadlines.

Lisa and her team absolutely and most definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love the logo and branding design we came up with collectively. I enjoyed being a big part of selecting what I liked and what worked for the overall image of my business. Lisa and I met several times throughout the course of our 60 day project and she devoted several hours of one-on-one consultation with me to ensure that I liked and approved of the final product. It was an incredibly neat experience to work with a professional like Lisa who has such incredible insight into the world of branding, customers, and marketing.

I could go on-and-on about the myriad of reasons why I would recommend Lisa. If you’d like more detail please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or if you already know in your gut that Lisa is the best choice then I say, “Go with it!” That’s what I did and I have zero regrets about it. ”

- Agnes Reizik
Spokane River Mobile Notary

“We are getting more emails than ever to our inbox from the website. I think this goes to show how user friendly the new site is and how our advertising is effectively driving people to our site! Thanks for everything you do!”

-Erica VanNatta Johnson
Spokane Conservation District

“The last two families that registered at the school came from the website! And a tour for another on Monday. Congrats to you, Lisa for getting the word out there and working so hard on a great website! I'm a believer now!!”

-Colleen Curran
Riverday School

“I feel very fortunate to be working with Lisa Arsenault. Lisa is truly the “Queen” of marketing. She comes up with the most creative ideas, and ways to implement them. She is a true professional and gets things done at lightning speed. I have done more in the past 6 months to grow my business then I have in years, thanks to Lisa.”

-Monica Hebert
Windermere/Sun Valley

“Lisa Arsenault is wonderful. If you are motivated, doing everything you should in your business and ahead of the game, Lisa is good about encouragement, reinforcement and forth coming with ideas to build on the success. Lisa is very knowledgeable about people; the consumers, the sellers, the buyers, those that don’t know what they want until they’re told what they want. That kind of ‘how things work’ understanding that she has, no matter what the market is has proved to be invaluable.

Lisa takes care of the biggest jobs to the littlest details. She can produce marketing material that starts as a blank paper to postage affixed and ending in the right person’s mailbox. She can write copy and read between the lines in the stickiest of situations.

Lisa provides a wide variety of services. There is accountability, creativity for every type of business, marketing ideas made for specific target groups or the masses, marketing materials created, web sites built and maintained and someone with wisdom and experience to bounce ideas off of.

Lisa works hard and expects the same of her clients. Her care and sincerity is what makes the difference.”

-Ken Fry
Windermere Real Estate

“I really appreciate you and the contribution you‘ve made this year for our organization. It has really helped me to KNOW the job will get done in a professional manner and on time!”

-Pam Lund, CEO
Girl Scouts Eastern WA & Northern ID

“I have worked with Lisa for two years now and she’s great. She keeps me focused, has great ideas, and is always ready to help me when I encounter challenges or just need a gentle kick in the behind. Her endless supply of valuable marketing materials is always something I am honored to send my clients. She’s professional, focused, and a lot of fun to work with. I look forward working with Lisa for a long time to come.”

-Diane King
Windermere Real Estate

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Lisa Arsenault. Her attention to detail and ability to remain steadfast in guiding me in the right direction were apparent from the start. Also, Lisa's ability to go from proofs to me receiving the final product was remarkably fast. I cannot thank her enough for the guidance and success she has brought to my business.”

-Michael Sporre
Violin Instructor and Performer

“Lisa is an extremely effective and creative marketing partner. She has the unique ability to understand the client's needs and translate them to effective marketing and promotional campaigns. Lisa is well versed and effectively utilizes social media, email, print and direct mail. I am continually impressed with Lisa’s ability to build a creative, fun and successful plan or campaign.

I have worked with a lot of marketing consultants in a number of industries. I haven’t worked with one that has the capability to deliver results like Lisa. I highly recommend Lisa Arsenault Marketing to anyone who truly wants to grow their business.”

-Roman Petkevicus, Owner
Big Al’s Steaks